What Love is this?


Threefold Love

What Love would give up its life on the Cross?

What love would send His only son to be stripped of his glory, be humiliated and spat upon?

What spirit of love is this that resides in a sinner’s body and turns it into a holy habitation?

My heart often wonders what is man that God is so mindful of?

What has made man deserving of a threefold love?


Love and I

A love so generous that knows no boundaries.

A love that gently calls out to an unloving soul, a child.

What has this love done for me? What has it not done for me!

What love waits twenty-two long years patiently for my reconciliation?

What love does not smite but heals me of my backsliding?

What love casts out every great fear that tormented my soul?

‘Tis a perfect love which compares not to this world.


Unique Love

A unique love with a presence denser than a fog.

A unique love that strokes my side and soothes my broken heart.

A unique love that anoints me with fire and oil.

A unique love that roars like a lion to protect.

Grieve not this spirit of love for He is too precious to be grieved.


 Jealous love

A love that burns with a holy jealousy.

A Love that craves to have our hearts all to itself.

A love that made love the first commandment.

A love that does not like to depart from us.

A love without a parallel that never fails.

How could words describe such great love when my mind is too small to comprehend?


Jesus, my love

For my eyes were fortunate to see love.

Love has dark brown hair and a peaceful face.

To some, love manifests with blue green eyes, to some brown but to me with eyes that turned hazel with light.

Dressed in a white robe and a familiar smile seen twice.

To me, Love is not an attribute, never a trait but with a perfect form and goes by the name Jesus.


-Beatrice Claudia.

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