The Cycle of Kindness


I’m the kind of person who plays a low-key in life.The height of social restraint was so much that I even changed the visibility of my date of birth to private on Facebook.Call me a misanthrope, because that was who I was. Exactly two birthdays ago, I recall how I ruined my own birthday, the day started well, few of my close friends who did not fail to remember my birthday called me between twelve to three am to wish me. I met a few friendly faces at the office, wishes from some of my batch mates.Quite shy, a pessimist and struggling to break the ice, I was in my third project, reasonably a newbie at my new office.My bestie wanted to inform some of my other colleagues that it was my birthday but I forced her to shut up saying I hate all the attention.

The day suddenly took a turn for the worse when my lead went haywire and made a big hue and cry, over a small blunder I made.Since it was my birthday, I tried to keep my calm but he provoked me to lose my temper when I finally lost all my patience, I ran to the restroom, sobbed as much as I wanted, wiped my tears off and came back to my seat.It ruined the rest of the day leaving me sad, moody and grumpy.Later that day, my bestie came running to me saying there’s a surprise party planned for me.That lifted my mood and I was waiting for the surprise and trust me I was surprised.When it was time we went upstairs to the celebration hall and here’s the surprise the cake said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOMEBODY ELSE “ and that somebody was my colleague who had her birthday on the same day as mine, I thought oh well what are the odds! if I had only let my friend tell my colleagues it was my birthday, I would have atleast had a birthday party.I came home late from my shift at about eleven pm and went to bed crying myself to sleep.

Today on my 27th birthday, makes me laugh to think how big of a cry birthday baby I was but this birthday was quite special as I received a phenomenal birthday gift.The gift of kindness.When I think of kindness, I realise how it is closely knit to love and gratitude and ultimately it is God whom I need to be thankful for.It all started with a very simple act of kindness.I understood how important it is to set good examples for our children.Our cook and maid were under the burden of debt, my mom always took pity and decided to extend monetary support to them.She wouldn’t even question them if they forget to do the allotted work for the day, whenever they wanted she would sometimes pay them more than what they work for.All the while, I would be the one to warn her that she needs to be careful as her goodness could be easily exploited.Not minding anything I said, she continues to help them till now.
They are people who could never afford to buy new dresses for Christmas or any other occasion for that matter.Whatever they earn or recieve would be sufficient to pay their debt and save for their other basic needs.When they heard that today was my birthday, both of them took the pain to go to a nearby shop to get me two boxes of beautiful Treo glasswares.As you know Treo brand is quite expensive which together cost them about five hundred and sixty bucks which is more than half of what my maid earns per month.I was so overwhelmed and moved to tears and I realised that my mom’s act of kindness was turned into an act of gratitude.How beautiful is that!

I also thought today I shall not burden the cook to make anything for us so the entire day was spent cooking for my family.Trust me it is tiring.My grandfather is a vegetarian , so we always have to cook separately for him.He is a big fan of my cooking, while the curry I made for him was left carelessly in the kitchen, within a few hours it had gone and I knew it would break his heart if he comes to know about it.It was already very late. twelve in the midnight and I thought to myself if my maid and cook could sacrifice so much to get me a birthday gift then why not I make another one for him before going to bed.That’s why they say home cooking is made with love. I’ve also learnt how healthy it is to be surrounded by friends and this birthday I changed by visibility setting to public for my date of birth and guess what my WhatsApp and Facebook were flooded with messages.It’s wonderful to see how so many people still care about you.


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