Definition of Faith


A person very close to my heart told me that he does not have adequate faith in God and that his faith is constantly shaken in times of trouble.He asked me what must he do to strengthen his faith.I didn’t know what to tell him because sometimes faith can be hard especially when you are going through some loss, sickness, pain or a delayed blessing.The constant question we keep asking God is why?Why did I have to lose that person?Why am I still not healed?I worked so hard I did not get my promotion why?I studied so hard yet I failed in my exams.It is when we go through such times our faith is terribly shaken.
One lesson I’ve learned through my relationship with God was that God does not take us through straight paths.He always makes us walk through honour and humility, joy and pain.We want everything to be done according to our ways and so we pray for our desires to be fulfilled but God’s ways are not man’s ways(Isiah 55:8-9).It is quite fascinating to note that every story in the bible is unique.Rather looking at these stories as a template and trying to constantly make sense out of God’s plans, we should look at each one of them as a new book, a different story by the same author, no author writes the same book twice.In the same way, not one person’s life is dealt the same way he deals with the other.Each one is a different book perfectly fashioned and written by God.
When my faith was shaken, the Lord gave me this verse “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”.That’s when I realised that leaning on my own understanding is trying to seek answers to our unanswered questions and trying to figure out God’s plan with that very little understanding we have of his plan. Faith is trusting God with all your heart even while life does not make sense and knowing that “God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”-Romans 8:28.Choosing to still trust God and know that He is good through the storm and the wilderness and to have absolutely no IFs and BUTs while trusting him.It is trusting Him without conditions.To perfectly define faith, I would say Faith is an unwavering unconditional trust in an unconditional love.But it takes time!

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