Past Year Realisations

The year 2017 has been a phenomenal year for me.Each year, teaches you something new but the past few years has left me very sober, it made me think about life, love, people and helped me understand myself better. It’s a yearly custom jotting down new year resolutions.Sometimes, I even write the same resolution six years in a row, it’s easier written than having them down.
My last job had me working late night shifts.I was a software engineer dealing with foreign clients so I would have to go to work at the time they arrive at the office.I never had a chance to spend time with my family as my dad was always on transfers.In the morning I would wake up only by ten when mom would have already left for work.By twelve in the afternoon, the cab arrives to pick me up to work and I reach home sometimes at eleven and twelve in the night.Though I loved my work, these stressful work hours took a toll on my health and I underwent endoscopy for my severe acid reflux.It’s been two and a half years since I quit my job and these years at home has healed me so much both mentally and physically.I realized how much I’ve missed out on life.I haven’t been grateful for the people around me.I haven’t been spending time with God too.These realizations don’t come in a day or two.It’s a revolutionary change indeed.
Realisation #1:
Ageing into a baby:
As my grandparents grew old, they fell sick for no reason, their capacity to make logical judgements diminished and their memories started to fade.Sometimes they even forget to recall my name.While we read everyday in the newspaper of children slow poisoning their aged parents, sending them to old aged homes, mistreating them for a share in their inheritance.I realised how being with them and experiencing their pain, God has given me special grace that has instilled in me enduring love and patience for the old.
Realisation #2:
You Are What You Think you are- Proverbs 23:7
Dream big and picture yourself there then work hard for it.Do it every single day.Dream, picture, work, and repeat.Rule out any negative self-image that says you can’t but believe you can.Connect with God find your purpose and work hard for the dream you set in mind.God sees, He sees your hard work and rewards you.So dream big and hope hope hope.
Realisation #3:
No more Binge-a Ninja:
I realised a healthy mind is the key to a healthy body.Your body is merely a vessel driven by the mind.No matter how well you eat,if you stay angry, stressed or depressed, these emotions try to vent themselves out by hurting your loved one or binging into alcohol, sex, drug or food, either way, my point is, it vents out into something disastrous.Keep your mind healthy by ruling out negative emotions and inviting positive emotions like joy, hope, and love.
Realisation #4:
And my last realisation is the best one of all.I found this image while scrolling through my Line timeline.

give time

You might have a lot of questions on your mind as to why some things take time?Sometimes God puts you in a waiting room and all you can do is just wait for a miracle. Just as you are waiting, you are growing like the little pupa that stays hidden from the world.No one is captivated by a caterpillar or a pupa but everyone is amazed by the beautiful butterfly it grows into.So give yourself time to grow.

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