Lost Dream


She dreamt of a Love,

The old fashioned sort,

Poetries, bouquets and candle lights,

A real gentleman,

Void of lust and full of charm.


His hot blood,

Her costly mistake,

Left her with a wounded heart,

Too sore to love,

Too broken to beat.


Just passing clouds, he said.

Unloved, undesired, unwaged said the voices.

Open your eyes to reality!

Get up and Move on,

That’s Life! she exclaimed.


Arrangements of alliances brought,

A series of unfortunate rejections,

Few tried a bargain out of her,

Every man reminded her lost dream,

All she saw were mirrors of her broken smile.


This will be my last fight, she said.

She fell on her knees and cried,

Father, Show me the One,

Mend my heart to beat again,

Write my love story all over again,

Help me find my lost love once again.


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