My Faithful One

brownie 2.jpg

One winter’s day,

I opened the door,

To find a fluff ball,

Out in the cold.

With eyes dreary,

Lay the little one,

Yearning for a home,

And fending on its own.


There there, I said.

Swaddled you tight,

Gave you a hot bath,

And warm milk for the night.


 You yelped in pain,

And battled for life,

So I prayed for you,

And slept by your side.


Prayers granted, 

Nurtured and recovered,

God’s bundle of mercy,

Brought back to life.


Your morning hugs,

Your lovelorn eyes,

Start my day,

And are a sheer delight.


An Angel by my side,

A friend through the years,

Who has seen my happiness,

And whose coat drenched with tears.


A creature to learn from,

That never holds a grudge,

Whose true devotion,

I’m unworthy of.
Thought I was the one,

To love and save you from the cold,

 But you returned it, my faithful one,

Not once but a manifold.


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