Dear Cancer

You are a big fat liar.

You tell loved ones,

That life is nothing but pain.

You prey on their souls,

Scar their hearts,

Rip their joys and break their vows.

Food labels to microwaves,

Warn me about your name,

Even after many precautions,

You still find an excuse to stay,

You absolutely have no shame.

Many won the battle but many have lost,

But that doesn’t make you strong,

To every fighter,you are still a loser,

You may have their flesh,

You may drink their blood,

But you’ll never have their life,

They still live in our hearts,

And as long as the memories are fresh,

They still live on.

Know for sure there is a God above,

Who is stronger than you are,

And I pray a new day would come,

Where a cure would drive you for good,

And people will no longer be afraid,

To say your name out loud.

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