An Ode to My Grandpa

(Thatha is how I address grandpa in my native language)


Dear Thatha,

How do I say this?

A heavy heart is all I have,

Not a day goes by without thinking about you,

And all of a sudden my home doesn’t feel the same anymore,

They say time will eventually fade the pain away,

But I’ve only learned to live with it.


Dear Thatha,

You’ve left me with a myriad of memories,

Not one bad or regretful,

But delightful memories truly cherished,

Archived into a beautiful storybook,

With every chapter worth revisiting,

That held a unique lesson and a moral.


Dear Thatha,

You were an angel sent from above,

You loved grandma like a gentleman should,

You would always help the needy,

And empathise with the suffering,

A man of prayer and virtues,

What a compassionate soul you were!


Dear Thatha,

You were a real blessing to me,

I wish you could have stayed a bit longer,

I never got a chance to say thank you for all you’ve done,

And since cancer stole you  before I could say goodbye,

I pray every day and ask God,

To hug you and say I love you on my behalf.













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